Habi Footwear lands in Japan through the World Bridge Club

World Bridge Club

Yokoso, Japan!

As the seasons pass and the flowers blossom, so does the relationship of Habi Footwear with Japan. Last year, we were blessed with an excellent internship thanks to Uno Kensuke from Osaka, who arrived at Habi through the …

[Walk Happy] 8 Milestones of Habi Footwear’s 2015

Happy New Year, our dear happy walkers!

2015’s been a wonderful year for Habi Footwear, perhaps more so than any other year since we began operations. We can definitely count a lot of blessings for the past year, and …

Espadrille 101

Ever since its inception in the 2011-2012 academic year, Habi Footwear has been known for its classic line. Though it has branched out since, its core product has always been – and still is – its espadrilles. As of now, …

Catch us at the 13th Global Pinoy Bazaar!




Catch Habi Footwear at the 13th Global Pinoy Bazaar this weekend!

The Global Pinoy Bazaar is a regular event brought to you by Yabang Pinoy, an organization that seeks to promote the innate goodness and talent of …

12 things to know in dealing with earthquakes

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Hello, happy walkers!

If, like us, you live or are based in Metro Manila, I’m sure you’ll know about the earthquake drill we had yesterday, dubbed the Metro Manila Shake Drill. It was the government’s effort to raise awareness …

How Habi handles irony within its life

Habi Footwear’s new intern, I Seung-youn (or Joy Lee), just spent a night at our Payatas community and got to know our partner mothers better. Here are her insights on her experience.

“In the end, it’s all about life.”

8 things you can wear with Habi Classics

Habi Footwear promotes responsible lifestyle through socially- and environmentally-conscious and proactive fashion. As we are a fashion brand, we therefore also believe in style – style that empowers and unlocks doors of opportunities.

Stylishness, in fact, is a very Christian …

Habi Footwear now on ZALORA PH Marketplace

HF.CCM-HF on ZALORA SocMed.v1.0

Habi Footwear is happy to say that after more than one year, we are now back on ZALORA Philippines, through our newest outlet – on the ZALORA Marketplace!

ZALORA is the Asia-Pacific brand of the Global Fashion Group, which …

6 ways to beat the summer heat naturally

This post is a rewrite of a post by the Operations Manager, Allister Roy “Aloy” S. Chua, from his own site The Daily Aloy.

June is here, and that means summer for everyone: summer is beginning in the …

Habi Footwear now available in US Shores!

Habi Footwear is all about making everyone walk happy, and this year, we’ve reached another big step through our new partnership with San Francisco based company, Qamay Green Music (@qamaygreenmusic). Now, our friends from the West will have easier access …